Comic Books Are Burning In Hell

This week, the crew consists of Matt Seneca, Joe McCulloch, Chris Mautner and Tucker Stone--the whole banana! First up, Matt talks about his vacation for a bit, and that gets Joe chiming in about art restoration. Matt reveals the existence of a NEW school of cartooning, and then its time to talk about comics: firstly, The Making Of, by Brecht Evens. In an interesting moment of synchronicity, the conversation seamlessly transitions into a discussion of Dave Sim, and the conclusion of his series Glamourpuss. After Glamourpuss, Chris gives a rundown on another bittersweet comics conclusion: that of Cul De Sac. And then the episode ends, with nary a bright spot. It's just a big old Debbie Downer!

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This week sees 75% of the squadron alternate between whom misses Matt Seneca more. Thankfully for those of you with little stomach for tears, Tucker Stone, Joe McCulloch and Chris Mautner are able to find time amidst rending their flesh to have a quick chat about Miracleman, which gets used as a surprise introduction to this episode's prize pig of a conversation: Joe Daly's absolutely wonderful Dungeon Quest. To maintain their credentials with the country of their birth, this discussion is followed by a close reading of Batman Earth One and the work of Geoff Johns. Then, it's time to talk about the underbelly of America: when Judge Dredd saw his adventures conjured up by DC Comics. To close it out, they get into James Stokoe's Godzilla comics. And then the episode ends!

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This week, Joe McCulloch, Chris Mautner and Tucker Stone (Matt Seneca is still on vacation) zero in on manga, first opening with Tucker's bizarrely out of proportion complaints regarding mega popular manga Gantz, and then leading into Chris and Joe discussing Bakuman. Bakuman? Oh yeah, you read that correctly: and of course, that leads into the conversation of art versus commerce, which is when the crew touches on Joe Kubert, who had passed away only a few hours to recording. Then, they get into Kickstarter, wherein things get difficult: Joe gets funny, Tucker goes off the rails, and Chris keeps trying to make everything comprehensible.  (Joe ended up winning.)

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This week, Matt Seneca was called away to Greece to examine the effects of electronic music alongst that country's population--early reports have concluded that it makes them dance--so it was left up to the rest of your hardy crew (that's Joe McCulloch, Tucker Stone & Chris Mautner, Americans) to discuss all the comics in the world of today. So they decided to focus on Garth Ennis comics, because no one else can. First up, it's Garth's Hitman series for DC, then it's on to his take on The Shadow, published by Dynamite Comics. And then, because needs must, it's time once again to talk about Fury: My War Gone By. After all that violence, it's time for Howard Chaykin's Black Kiss 2, and, all apologies, a brief discussion of The Dark Knight Rises, which is a film featuring actors. They spoil the movie's ending. That is their way!

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On the latest episode of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell, your comics podcasting squadron talks about Osamu Tezuka's legendary Phoenix series, the most recent (and final) issue of the comics porn anthology Thickness, and then The Smithsonian Book of Newspaper Comics, which opens the door to a whole new level of crazy comics conversation. And then they end it all with the truth about Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey. Call it a comic book legend, revealed? That might be somebody else's phrase.

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