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Comic Books Are Burning In Hell

Oct 21, 2021

Welcome to Episode 2 of Batman Books are Burning in Hell, in which regular hosts Tucker Stone and Matt Seneca are joined by Benjamin Marra for a discussion of Batman: Venom! If Marra needs an introduction you're living wrong - the cartoonist behind Night BusinessTerror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T.American Blood and What We Mean By Yesterday is one of the most accomplished artists currently making comics, full stop. Marra's works are vital entries in the category of American pulp, embracing his medium's history of disrepute while avoiding nostalgia with their purity of execution and commitment to extremity. Venom, published in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20 (1991), is Denny O'Neil, Trevor Von Eeden, Russ Braun, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez's epic saga of a Batman whose commitment to workout gains ends in tragedy, madness, and punching a great white shark in the face. LISTEN UP!