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Comic Books Are Burning In Hell

Aug 23, 2012

This week sees 75% of the squadron alternate between whom misses Matt Seneca more. Thankfully for those of you with little stomach for tears, Tucker Stone, Joe McCulloch and Chris Mautner are able to find time amidst rending their flesh to have a quick chat about Miracleman, which gets used as a surprise introduction to this episode's prize pig of a conversation: Joe Daly's absolutely wonderful Dungeon Quest. To maintain their credentials with the country of their birth, this discussion is followed by a close reading of Batman Earth One and the work of Geoff Johns. Then, it's time to talk about the underbelly of America: when Judge Dredd saw his adventures conjured up by DC Comics. To close it out, they get into James Stokoe's Godzilla comics. And then the episode ends!