Comic Books Are Burning In Hell

On this episode, Chris, Joe and Matt salute Picturebox, one of the show's longtime favorite topics, in a bittersweet celebration of that soon-to-be-shuttered house.

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Joe, Chris and Matt talk about their purchases from the recent Comic Arts Brooklyn show.

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Time to talk about Sandman! Aieeeeeggghghghhghgghghhgg

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On this episode,the crew likes Pretty Deadly (except for Chris) and dislikes Battling Boy (except for Chris). Sort of!

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In this episode Joe McCulloch and Chris Mautner discuss the career of on Jim Woodring, with an extra-special focus on his latest graphic novel, Fran. Lots of references are made to Halloween also, because apparently it's October already as if you needed another reminder that time is constantly slipping away. Then at the end Chris tries to make a silly, spooky voice which is really just embarrassing and we all feel shame for him about it.

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On this delayed episode of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell, you can hear Joe, Tucker and Matt discuss Sex Criminals and Judge Dredd's Day of Chaos. Until the audio goes out, and then you can hear Tucker talk to his wife, and then there's a monologue by Matt. It's the best thing ever, basically.

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It's sequential cartooning, comics, words and lines. But is manga comics? Let Joe, Chris and Matt handle the big question of what to do with these imported excitements.

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All four of your hosts went to SPX and they sort of had an okay time you know hey guys what's up

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On this issue, Joe and Chris talk about Kosaku Shima, Kodansha Bilingual Comics and how to deal with burnout.

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On this unusal episode of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell, Matt Seneca and Tucker Stone discuss the main problem facing comics today. Hint: It's not the art!

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