Comic Books Are Burning In Hell

Tucker, Matt, Joe & Chris got together to check in about the top of their Just Read stack, including a new comic from Kevin Huizenga, Mickey Zacchilli's Space Academy 123, and the unjustly (justly?) ignored Batman: Master of the Future. And at the end, Joe provides a deep analysis that may or may not be necessary of a recent Todd McFarlane article posted at Vice.

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When Joe was 14 he thought watching anime was the next evolutionary step from reading comics. Now he and Chris are living in the future, as they discuss a bunch of Japanese cartoons they watched, all of them based on comics by the thoroughly franchised enfant terrible Go Nagai! I’m told the word “Devilman” will improve our metrics!

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It's January 2018--what better time to look back on 2017? On this extra long episode of the only comic book podcast, you'll find Matt Seneca, Chris Mautner, Joe "Jog" McCulloch and Tucker Stone powering down the comics that kept them going. What's on their list? You'll have to listen to find out!

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